Evil doers beware, as Malaysia now has our very own Marvel superhero, nicknamed, Sun Bird.

The character was announced last week along with several others, in a Thailand Game Show. In the show, Marvel and Netmarble unveiled the Asian based superhero team called, Warriors of the Sky, as part of their character expansion for their mobile game, “Marvel Future Fight”.


“We are excited to introduce this original team, Warriors of the Sky, to MARVEL Future Fight fans and expand on the continually growing, wide variety of character choices in the game,” said Danny Koo, Senior Producer for Marvel Games.

Each of the characters have their own unique abilities and varied back stories in which players can learn and explore as they play the game. Our interest are of course on the original character Sun Bird’s backstory and abilities, since he’s Malaysian.

“Soaring into battle as guardian of the South, the searing Sun Bird provides healing support for the Warriors of the Sky. With agile charm, this Malaysian pirate from the 1600s reborn by the power of his twin Krises seeks to make the most of his new life by supporting the world however possible.”

Sun Bird, or Buring Matahari in Malay, will be joined by Shadow Shell from Taiwan, War Tiger from Thailand, and Blue Dragon from Vietnam as the four of them make up the team, Warriors of the Sky.

Find out more about the other superheroes here:

The character and many others in “Marvel Future Fight” has garnered more than 100 million players worldwide. So with the introduction of Sun Bird and the attention the game is getting, who knows, we might just see a Malaysian superhero on the big screen someday.


Sources: IGN, Marvel.

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