Malaysian actress Emma Maembong just found herself in the middle of the spotlight yet again.

Recently, the “Kimchi Untuk Awak” star’s latest update on her Instagram has received a massive amount of attention from local netizens.


Source: Instagram

Based on the photos above, the 27-year-old celebrity was seen wearing a name pendant with her real name ‘Fatimah’ spelled in Jawi (Arabic) letters. As a result, the comments section has been flooded with mixed reaction among cybernauts.

A number of local fans called her out for being inappropriate and insensitive for wearing the locket despite the fact that she is not covering her hair in addition to wearing a revealing dress. In addition, some pointed out that her action might lead to misunderstandings, since the Arabic letters are considered holy among Muslims.

What do you think of this issue? Do you think Emma was being culturally insensitive?

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