Big fans of Coldplay, but can’t wait for the release date of their new album? Well, you still can’t get it until the release date, but you can get the track list. Just grab your local newspaper and flip through it until you reach the classified ads section.

Yup, they did it. The Coldplay marketing team have found themselves a creative and unique way of advertising the band’s new album by posting the entire track list in our local newspapers – The Star, The Sun and Sin Chew Daily.


It’s not only in Malaysia however, as it has been happening all over the world with multiple people reporting the same phenomenon happening to their local newspapers. The ads in question feature no coloured decoration; just a classy plain black and white text that shows all the tracks from the upcoming album, titled “Everyday Life”.

The album was initially announced earlier this week, when the band mailed typed notes to 500 Coldplay fan all over the world. In the letter, they wished the receiver well and then announced their new upcoming album as well as the release date, with them also hand-signed each letter at each corner.

The new Coldplay album will be a double album, with one half of the album titled “Sunrise” and the other “Sunset”. The track list are as follows:

1. “Sunrise” – Disc 1

  • “Sunrise”
  • “Church”
  • “Trouble In Town”
  • “Broken” (stylise as “BrokEn”)
  • “Daddy”
  • “Arabesque”
  • “When I Need A Friend”

2. “Sunset” – Disc 2

  • “Guns”
  • “Orphans”
  • “Èko”
  • “Cry Cry Cry”
  • “Old Friends”
  • “بني آدم” (Arabic for “Chrildren Of Adam”)
  • “Champion Of The World”
  • “Everyday Life”

The upcoming Coldplay album, “Everyday Life”, is set to release on 22nd November 2019. So, while you wait for its release, please enjoy their new singles extracted from the album. The band has decided to put out 2 songs – 1 from “Sunrise” and another from “Sunset”.


Take a listen to “Arabesque” and “Orphans” below:

Which is your favourite? Personally, we prefer the more uplifting melodic vibe on “Orphans”.

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