The final trailer of the highly anticipated third instalment of the new “Star Wars” has been released. This will mark the end of the “Star Wars” Skywalker trilogy that debuted back in 2015.

Director J.J Abrams has masterfully crafted the final trailer with clips of the movie that indicates this film is going to be an emotional ride. Here are 10 highlights from the new “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” trailer that intrigued us:

1. Rey Is Still Training


Continuing the theme set by previous trailers, it shows that Rey is still training to become a full fledge Jedi, alone in a jungle planet. The opening scene shows her running, dropping a helmet and blocking a drone’s attack. This suggests that either it’s part of the training section or that her training got cut short.

2. The Emperor’s Throne

The trailer also gave us a glimpse on the throne of Emperor Palpatine. The shot was made even eerier with a haunting voice over from Ian McDiarmid, who voices Palpatine. We can hear Palpatine uttering “long have I waited” and about how his plan is coming together.

3. The Millennium Falcon

It seems appropriate with the shot of resistance standing together going to war is fill with different and varied kind of ships. If we still remember from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, a vast amount of the resistance were destroyed and killed by the First order. So the resistance might have send operative across the galaxies to create a network of resistance cells which in turn explains the vast difference in ship design in this shot.

4. Babu Frik

The trailer is also an introduction to a new character in an already vast cast, Babu Frik. Babu Frik in the “Star Wars” is a droidsmith. In the trailer, we can see him conducting an unknown operation on C-3PO. Babu, was first shown as a toy in a Triple Force Friday live stream where his size and adorableness quickly won fans over.

5. C-3PO’s Sacrifice


The trailer has also tease the death of a beloved character, C-3PO. The lost of the original character has been hinted at by a previous trailers, where the eyes of C-3PO turns red (an indication a bot has been hacked). The bot sacrifice is then enforced by the line, “Taking one last look sir, at my friends” uttered by C-3PO at the end of the scene as he takes a look at Rey and the others in the ship.

6. Princess Leia And Rey Embrace

Carrie Fisher certainly left us too soon, as her portrayal of Princess Leia has certainly carved her name in history as a cinematic icon. Lucasfilm has previously used unused footages of Fisher to fill the gaps in “The Last Jedi”. It showed how integral her character has been for the series, so it seems only fitting that the end of her character’s story would be included for this movie.

7. Finn On The Death Star

Previously we only know of Rey, Kylo-Ren and very likely Emperor Palpatine to be in the Death Star remains. But this new shot from the trailer shows Finn calling out to somebody (most likely Rey). Though the lack of shots of Finn in the Death Star have left many in doubt of the importance of the character in the scene.

8. Rey And Kylo Ren Working Together On Destroying Vader’s Mask

Though there are several scenes showing the two fighting each other throughout the trailer, this part (pictured above) shows the two actually working together to destroy Darth Vader’s mask. As to what this might entails, fans think that Kylo Ren will eventually turn and see the light. Or is it just another illusion by J.J. Abrams?

9. Rey Confront The Emperor

Undoubtedly the most chilling scene of the trailer is when Rey comes face-to-face with the emperor himself. There have been speculations over how the Sith Lord will arrive in the movie, as some theories have suggested that Palpatine would have come back in the form of a spirit like Yoda. But the trailer did avoid showing the emperor’s face during the whole scene, which would leave some doubt over the black figure we see in the scene (who may or may not be Palpatine).

10. “The Force Will Be With You – Always”

The trailer utters the iconic line of  “The Force Will Be With You – Always“. This will surely bring a sense of closure to fans of the series as the saga ends this coming December.

Bonus: Trailer Music


As a bonus, can we talk about how good is the music in the trailer? Cause the iconic “Star Wars” theme is back, with added bits of a modern touch.

Did we miss any details you think is very important to the story? Then let us know in the comment below. For the meant time why not give the trailer another watch while we wait for the movie to hit cinema on 19th December 2019.

Source: Screen Rant.

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