Jay Chou (周杰倫) can’t seem to shake the ongoing criticism when it comes to his weight issues.

Recently, the 40-year-old Mando-pop King was spotted out and about. Although his new red hair ended up becoming a trending topic on Weibo, many people weren’t kind on his physique.

Source: Today Online

It’s clear he has not stopped drinking bubble tea,” someone commented, referring to the singer’s promise to cut down on the sinful tapioca balls. It wasn’t long before many others piled on the trend, bringing up the fact that Jay had previously vowed to quit bubble tea.


When a person puts on weight, there is not one cup of bubble tea that is innocent,” a netizen chimed in, while another said, “Hand over the bubble tea, Director Jay!” The entertainer has been linked to bubble tea for a while now.

Who can blame the guy? The young generation are addicted to boba tea. After all, a bubble tea shop was even featured in Jay’s “Won’t Cry” music video. It even went viral after a pop-up version debuted in Shanghai.

Source: Today Online

Give the guy a break though. You can’t expect him to maintain the six-pack abs he had during his heyday. It’s normal for one’s metabolism to slow down especially after hitting a new decade.

Source: Today Online.

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