Roll out the presidential carpet, cause the Obamas are coming to town, as both Barack and Michelle Obama will be arriving in KL this December.

According to The Star, the former United State president is coming to Malaysia to speak at the Obama Foundation’s inaugural Asia Pacific leaders gathering later this year. 200 emerging leader across Asia-pacific are scheduled to attend.

Source: Scholarship Positions

The gathering is part of a year-long programme focused on values-based and ethical leadership, which will include plenary sessions, skills-building workshops, leadership development training, and networking opportunities.


According to Bernadette Meehan, the Obama Foundation chief international officer, the region has deep ties with the former president, as he was born in Hawaii and his step-father was Indonesian.

“The Asia Pacific region holds a deep well of talented and passionate emerging leaders, and it is a region of great importance to President Obama given his strong roots in Indonesia and Hawaii.” she stated.

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Bernadette also added that “This programme will build upon the community organising legacy of the Obamas, with a focus on shared values and ethical leadership, and we are excited to embark on a year-long programme to empower these leaders to tackle the unique challenges they face in their communities, ”.

Furthermore, the gathering will also have several emerging leaders that focus on girls’ education and empowerment from across the region. This is part of the Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance to raise awareness and action on the importance of adolescent girls’ education.

Source: The Star

The foundation hopes the gathering will show their dedication to the region, as they believe these emerging leader will bring about a positive change across the globe through their work.

The event will occur on the 10th to 14th of December this year, however, the time and place of the gathering have yet to be announce.

Source: The Star. / Featured Image: Scholarships Positions.

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