Recently, a Twitter user using the tweethandle @xjun6k00k came under fire for posting a thread of unnecessary shade towards Sulli (설리)’s death news.

It all started when the netizen questioned on why Sulli trended on social media following her sudden passing. “Sulli died. So what? People die everyday so please girl you ain’t special,” the person wrote on Twitter.


The Twitter user – who used IKON’s former member B.I as the profile picture – then tweeted by saying, “Condolences to Sulli my ass, she did it for fame,” implying that she took her life away for the sake of fame.

In addition, the person took it the extreme way when he/she started to bring in K-Pop boy band BTS in the argument. The netizen sarcastically congratulated Sulli for trending #1 worldwide, but assured that “BTS is trending everyday so that’s really not a success”.

The person also brought up Twice member Mina’s current condition. For the uninitiated, the Japanese-born K-Pop star is struggling with anxiety disorder. The internet troll claimed that since Twice is a famous girl group themselves, there’s no need for Mina to eventually end her life for fame.

The posts have caused a massive uproar among K-pop fans online. Most of them took to Twitter to address the issue by asking their fellow followers to block and report the troll’s account.

Most of them felt that the fan was making fun of sensitive issues regarding suicide and self-harm. They also claimed that the person (most probably a BTS’ ARMY) was just being an attention seeker. Check out some their tweets here:

What do you think of this issue? Was it necessary for the fan to criticise Sulli despite the fact that she’s no longer around?

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