Malaysian actress-businesswoman Zarina Zainuddin just found herself in a tricky situation recently.

The 49-year-old was found guilty of selling and possessing cosmetic products without the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency’s (NPRA) notification. As a result, she had to pay a total of RM17,500 fine.

Source: Berita Harian

Things turned sour after Zarina made her way out of the court. Furious at a reporter who tried to take a photo of her, she then responded to her by saying, “Tak sukalah! (I don’t like it!)”, and slapped the woman’s mobile phone away.


As mentioned earlier, the “30 Pesanan Suara” actress has pleaded guilty following 6 charges made against her. According to The Star, Zarina – who is also the director of Addura Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd – sold a cosmetic set made up of a box of Addura Black Soap, 1 box of Addura Day Cream 7g, and 1 box of Addura Night Cream 7g at an outlet in Subang Jaya on 9th January 2019. All of the products were sold without notifying the NPRA beforehand.

In addition, The Star further reported that the mother of 2 autistic twins was found gulity for possessing NPRA-notified products – Addura Black Soap (68 boxes), Addura Day Cream (279 boxes), Addura Day Cream 7g (89 box) and Addura Day Cream 10ml (205 box) for the 2nd to 6th charges made against her.

Zarina recently took to Instagram to address the issue. However the post has been removed at the time of writing.

In the lengthy post, she clarified the whole situation, denying all the claims made by netizens against her. She also explained about the customer who bought the alleged products from her. Feel free to read her statement below:

Based on her Instagram update, Zarina claimed that she was approached by an individual who was interested to buy her products. The woman also described her skin condition so that the pulut kuning entrepreneur can come up with a few suggestions for her.

The actress further added that she was manipulated by the so-called customer and was left stunned after knowing that her house being raided by the Ministry of Health. “I thought you (the customer) are a good person. That’s so evil for you to act like that,” Zarina said in an interview.


When asked about her future plans, Zarina revealed to The Star that she will “shut down the company (Addura)” as she has moved on to another business venture – selling pulut kuning with rendang.

Sources: The Star Online, Harian Metro, mStar.

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