The whole nation were shocked with the news about a man being investigated by the police, all because of a suspicious order made at popular food chain store Domino’s Pizza.

According to Hangat, the man – known as Zacky Khairudean – ordered 10 sets of combos including their signature pizza using discount coupons that he purchased online. Doubtful with the transaction, Domino’s then filed a police report against Zacky.


As a result, he was questioned by the cops after being accused of hacking their system. Following the investigation, Zacky was found not guilty. In return, Domino’s released an official apology statement to address the situation.

Despite that, most netizens expressed their disappointment over the food chain and even criticised their apology as being not sincere. Some even asked to boycott the franchise. In response to that, Domino’s came out with another statement – this time around, in a form of a 2-minute video. Check out the full clip below:

The video features the vice president Shamsul Amree clarifying on what had happened at that time. He then took the chance to sincerely apologise to Zacky and also fellow Domino’s customers out there.

Despite all the mess, there’s been one consensus – most of them are amused with Mr. Shamsul’s speech. Many netizens have been comparing his way of speaking to a newscaster.

At time of writing (Wednesday, 2nd October), the issue between the two has been officially resolved with Zacky himself accepting the apology. In addition, he also posted a video of himself on Facebook – saying that he no longer wants to “proceed with elongating the issue”.


Source: Hangat.

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