Malaysian celebrity Raja Ilya caused yet another controversy, all thanks to her recent updates on her Instagram account.

The former “Gerak Khas” actress recently shared a few pictures with her fans during her honeymoon in Langkawi. The photos, of course, include a few shots with her husband, Trent Garrett. However, some felt that they were inappropriate and explicit.


The comments section has been flooded with tons of negative remarks by local netizens. In this case, Ilya (full name Raja Ramilah Begum Raja Mohammad) was called out by some internet trolls for showcasing more than necessary contents in her social media account.

They also pointed out that the 34-year-old is being insensitive and disrespecting her religious culture. On top of that, a fan even compared the sensual photos to a rape scene. Check out some of the comments below:

Prior to this, she was criticised by Malaysian cybernauts after she posted a picture of herself and Trent kissing during their wedding ceremony held in the latter’s home country in Perth, Australia.


Someone always has something to say, don’t they?

Source: Oh My Media.

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