Malaysian celebrity Elfira Loy is known among fans for being open about her personal life – particularly her marriage with husband Faris Khairol Anuar.

Recently, a Twitter user, Azlil Adzif shared a video of the former child star making a prank call to Faris. In the 1-minute video, Elfira – known as El in short – expressed her wish to eat a bar of soap.

As a response, Faris showed no signs of prohibiting the actress from doing so. Instead, he spontaneously replied “makanlah (go on and eat),” – implying that she’s allowed to do whatever she wants to.

El further added during the phone conversation, asking Faris to wear a Manchester United jersey. However, her request was met with a surprising reaction by the former “On Air Malaysia” contestant, “…no… I’ll only wear Liverpool shirts”.

The 25-year-old actress was persistent and even threaten to report to her mother. Faris reacted by saying, “You keep on complaining to Mama. Okay then, keep on complaining,” before adding, “Okay can, everything also can,” showing that he’s no longer interested in entertaining his wife.

Source: Instagram

The post has garnered significant amount of reactions among keyboard warriors on Twitter. While some left negative remarks towards Faris’ cold reactions. Some also criticised him for complying with all his wife’s orders.

Some foul-mouthed internet users also pointed out to the couple that by showing the “true nature” of their relationship, this might lead to negative implications to their marriage down the road.

Not only that, the actress’ mother – Filzah Yusoff – was also slammed by locals for allegedly interfering in their household affairs. Check out the comments below:


What do you think of this issue? Do you agree with the netizens’ opinions?

Source: mStar, BeautifulNara.

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