Following the hype on the appearance of local fruit rambutan in Netflix’s “Another Life”, now comes a new cameo making its way on the popular streaming platform.

Netflix’s original espionage series “The Spy” recently featured an episode where the main character Eli Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) was seen buying a Syrian newspaper. In this case, among the coins he used included a Malaysian 10 cents during the purchase.

Source: Newsweek

The scene was pointed out by a Facebook user named Errol Fung. The post has since received notable buzz among the people online.


Some expressed their confusion towards the usage of the coin since the series is set in the year 1960. Keep in mind that our country wasn’t even formed until 3 years later – 16th September 1963.

Additionally, netizens pointed out that it’s not relevant to showcase Malaysian coins in the series due to the fact that the characters are in Syria and not in our country – demanding explanations from Netflix itself.

The synopsis for “The Spy” are read as follows:

“The series is based on the real life story of Israeli clerk-turned-Mossad agent Eli Cohen. The series follows Cohen – who takes on the identity of Kamel Amin Thabet to carry out missions on behalf of Mossad. As the series go, he manages to find a spot in the Syrian Ministry of Defence for himself. He then becomes the Deputy Defence Minister as he founds himself involved with those who would eventually take over the country, including future president Amin Al-Hafiz.”


It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: VOCKET.

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