Korean girl group Mamamoo (마마무) has been pushing boundaries when it comes to their live performances.

The quartet is currently competing in Mnet’s new survival show “Queendom” (퀸덤) with other girl groups such as Lovelyz, (G)I-DLE and AOA.

Source: Mnet

However, the group has generated massive buzz among local netizens for their live rendition of AOA’s “Good Luck” in the recent episode of the show.


In the performance, one of the members Hwasa was shown dancing suggestively while singing the first part of the song – before the spotlight went to the group’s rapper Moonbyul.

This is the part where the public talked about most. During Moonbyul’s take on the 2016 hit, the 27-year-old was seen leashing 2 male dancers while performing the rap component of the song. As a result, most fans expressed mixed reaction over the performance.

Source: YouTube

In this case, most K-fans believed that the “You’re The Best” hit maker’s performance showed prejudice against the male community. Additionally, fans – mostly boy group stans – pointed out the double standard exists in the entertainment industry. In this case, they claimed that it’s okay for female idols to carry out such performance while it’s considered a taboo for male idols.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

“If a male idol had girls leashed up acting like dogs on the ground like that, the stage would’ve made it in the news already ㅋㅋ (ha ha). Which century are we living in that they’re still doing dance like that?”

“They considered women controlling men as girl crush but men controlling women misogyny… The double standard.”

Despite the criticisms, MooMoos (Mamamoo stans) worldwide showed their support towards the girl group – praising them for their portrayal of female empowerment apart from complimenting the members for killing it on stage.


Source: Koreaboo.

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