Heard of the saying, “Time flies when you’re having so much fun“?

Yes, 2020 will come and greet us in approximately 3 months time. And most of us cannot help but feel a sense of throwback as time goes. What better way to reminisce our younger days than a bit of a throwback to our lives, right?

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Recently, a local Twitter user known as @iffgone came out with a list of Malaysian TV ads that people used to enjoy watching back in the 1980s. 1990s as well as 2000s. Feeling old yet? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the list of the ads that are shared by the user:

1. Maggi

Nothing beats the taste of Malaysia’s favourite instant noodle brand! The ad was released back in 1983. Comparing the past ad with the more recent one, Maggi still retains in using family bond as the central theme for their adds.

2. Kipas Udang Soy Sauce

Like Maggi, Kicap Udang branded soy sauce is also a must-have in most households here in Malaysia. This video is one of the earliest version of the promotional that was aired back in the late 80s.


3. Trojan Detergent

This is an old promotional ad for the Trojan Perkasa detergent that was aired back in the year 1993. The iconic ad features the story of an old man with a smelly shirt riding the bus. Another interesting part of this ad is also the ability for the bus to transform into a garbage truck in a blink of an eye among many other special effects included in the 40-seconds ad.

Fun fact: The ad features veteran actress Khatijah Tan.

4. Rexona

This ad features famous model-turned-actress Nasha Aziz. It was aired back in 1989.

5. Proton Saga

This ad made for the popular Malaysian-branded car was first aired back in the year 1986.

6. Choc Fudge Cookies

Famous for its catchphrase ‘kejap ada kejap tak ada’ (Present at a glance, then absent at the next glance), the catchphrase is commonly used among the more senior folks to compare a presence of a person to a cookie. Pretty cool, huh?

7. Dutch Lady

The ad was aired back in 1983.

8. Eveready Battery

The nostalgic battery ad first debuted on local televisions back in the year 1987.

9. Guinness Stout Alcoholic Beverage

The alcoholic beverage ad was aired back sometime in the 80s. The interesting part is that the ad was available in Bahasa Malaysia which is very rare to find in the present day.

Fun fact: Promotional ads for any alcoholic was banned from airing in Malaysia back in 1995.

10. Tea Pot Condensed Milk

The classic ad was released back in the year 1984, featuring the late actor Ahmad B.

11. No Smoking Campaign

This is an Indonesian ad to raise awareness on the dangers of smoking.

12. McDonald’s Fried Chicken

This old ad features Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani with the voice of songstress Jaclyn Victor where she can also heard singing the jingle!

13. Axion Dish-wash

Who doesn’t know Axion? We bet everyone does! Featuring actress Rosnah Mat Aris, the ad was aired in local TV stations back in 1991.

14. Surya Gudang Garam Cigarette

The ad features an explicit scene where a female model was seen smoking the branded cigarette.

15. Cucur Adabi

The famous ad was first released back in the year 1990. The clip was also aired several times during the 2000s.

16. Adabi Fried Rice Paste

The famous Adabi ad features the iconic song “Hai nasi goreng, Hai nasi goreng…

17. Sunsilk

This Sunsilk ad is certainly remembered by many. For those who might not know, the female model in the ad is the wife of D’Herbs founder Dato’ Aliff Syukri – Datin Nur Shahida Rashid.

Fun fact: The background song used for this ad is a song by Malaysian R&B band called Indigo, entitled “Istimewa”.

18. KFC

This classic KFC promo ad was aired back in 1994.

19. Code 10 Hair Cream

The ad was released back in 1983. The male model for the clip was Azmil Mustapha who was famous with movies such as “Mekanik” and also “Ali Setan”.

20. Dynamo Liquid Detergent

This ad was aired on local TV stations back in 1990.

21. Cloud 9

This ad featuring the famous local candy bar was first released in 1990.

22. 7 Up

The ad was aired in 1983, with veteran songstress Salamiah Hassan singing the jingle for the 30-seconds clip.

Fun fact: Known among the public as the queen of advertising jingles, Salamiah Hassan is the mother of Malaysian singer Atilia Haron.




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23. Nano Nano Candy

The classic ad features the timeless “Nano nano nano” song that is still used up until today.

24. Ibu & Anak Cough Syrup

Aired in 1990, the ad features unique element of shadow puppet (wayang kulit). The element is then retained and it’s still used today.

25. Breacol Cough Syrup

For this Breacol-branded cough medicine ad, it was released in 1990.

26. Aiken Medicated Talcum Powder

The ad was aired on nationwide TV back in the year 1989.

27. Susu Cap Junjung

The ad was famous among locals back in 1983.

28. Tora

This is definitely one of the most memorable ad because the clip will always appear during breaks while watching cartoons on TV.

There you have it! Did you manage to restore all your childhood memories by watching these nostalgic TV ads? Our favourite pick would be the Sunsilk ad as well as the Cucur Adabi song. What about you? Share with us your fave pick!

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