PU Azman recently shared with his followers on his opinions on females wearing fake lashes as well as extending their eyelashes.

The 38-year-old preacher wrote on his caption, “Eyelash extension and fake lashes are seen as ‘haram’ (against Islamic teachings) and also may contain extreme elements such as manipulation. The wearer wants to confirm to people that it’s indeed her eyelashes, but in fact it’s not.”

Source: Instagram

“If the wearer doesn’t intend to do so, it’s still considered ‘haram’ because others will think it’s her real lashes, then there is an element of manipulation. Wearing fake lashes is also haram because the lashes contain glue that prevents wudu’ (ablution) and also junub (ritual purification) to flow. If it doesn’t contain glue then it’s still considered ‘haram’ due to its element of manipulation,” he added in his post.


As a response to that, actress Rozita Che’ Wan also left a comment to express her curiousity regarding the issue. Rozita – known as Che’ Ta among the public – wrote on the comment section, “What if the people already know that it’s fake eyelashes? Then how?”

The preacher-turned-actor then sarcastically replied, “That falls under extreme dress up. If you want to dress up in front of your husband inside the house then you’ll get pahala (reward), Kak Bedah”

Source: Instagram

Most of local netizens gave positive remarks to Che’ Ta following her comments towards PU Azman’s post. Most of them left complimenting words towards the 46-year-old celebrity-turned-entrepreneur, saying that she looks better without wearing fake eyelashes.

In addition, they also prefer the “Kiah Pekasam” actress to wear less make-up after this to showcase her real beauty. Check out some of their comments here:

The popular ustaz (Muslim teacher) has been active in sharing his religious views to tackle several issues on social media, including issues such as out-of-wedlock pregnancy and also nose-piercing.

Sources: OhBulan, Media Hiburan.

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