Following the debut of the Salted Egg Flavoured Ice Cream, 7-Eleven Malaysia has just introduced a new flavour.

The convenient store took to Facebook yesterday (Wednesday, 28th August) to announce that the Roaring Limau Ice Cream is now for sale.

Source: Facebook

Priced at RM2.50 per cone, the  Roaring Limau Ice Cream comes with refreshing taste of key lime, with a hint of heat. No kidding! This new dessert is supposedly spicy? Now that’s something we do not see everyday.


That’s not all though. In line with 7-Eleven’s Flamin Festival, foodies can also choose from a wide range of hot products and deals. Lay’s Hot Chili Squid and Koh Kae Mala Peanuts are just some of the examples to get the temperature rising.


To find out which outlets are selling the Roaring Limau Ice Cream, click here.

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