It seems like a never-ending headline from Wknd Fest. The supposed blockbuster K-pop music festival has hit yet another wall. From delaying ticket sales, to changing dates; the festival has now completely come to a standstill only a week away from the announced date.

The organizers took to their official Twitter page to announce an official statement about the postponement of Wknd Fest. The lengthy post went into great detail, explaining how sorry the organizers are.

Naturally, fans could not care less about an apology.

The plot thickens as news first broke to Malaysian K-pop fans through VAV, one of the groups for the Wknd Fest line up, when they posted their statement about not attending the festival.

It was only after a myriad of demands from fans that Wknd Fest posted the official statement, which only drew more rage from concert-goers who were looking forward to this event.

Super girl group Mamamoo also posted on their Twitter, mentioning how their performance was canceled due to issues with the organiser.

However according to Wknd Fest, the problem was due to their partners… so what goes on?

Regardless of the situation, it’s evident that the fans are the ones getting the short end of the stick. Many were expressing their disappointment via social media, especially international fans who had already bought flight tickets for the festival.


Malaysian fans seem to have no remorse whatsoever for their unprofessionalism.


Some even drew connections to Fyre Festival, which we called from the beginning!

The entire debacle seems to be something that fans are being ruthless about, but with the prices, numerous changes and postponing, and promises that were given… we can’t help but feel for the fans.

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