The news report of the missing of an Irish girl, Nora Anne Quoirin while on vacation with her family at the Dusun Pantai Hill Resort in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan ended with a tragedy.

Talking about the resort, we were already aware of this holiday destination, even way back before the Quoirin family’s visit here. Everything about the Dusun Pantai Hill Resort is just simply breathtaking.

Source: the Dusun

Some also have been considering a visit to this resort in their bucket list. No wonder the Quoirin family opt this spot for their vacation.


For those who are curious, we have compiled 4 best things that Dusun Pantai Hill resort has to offer for its visitors.

1. Strategic Location 

Source: Hangat

Located inside a 12-acre orchard, the resort promises tranquility and guarantees a peaceful stay for visitors, with its preserved flora and fauna habitats. For those who might not know, the resort is placed nearby Berembun Forest Reserve and also the village of the Temuan Tribe. In fact, visitors might come across animals including monkeys, giant millipedes and also antelopes around the jungle.

2. Affordable Price

Source: Hangat

The resort offers up to 7 rooms open for options, with price ranging from as low as RM600 up until RM900 per night. While for weekend stays, the price might reach up to RM1,100 per night. One word: AFFORDABLE!

3. Picturesque View By The Pool

Source: Hangat

Aside from its attractive location, the resort itself features swimming pool facility that might amaze everyone. If you’re bored already with the infinity pool trend in KL area, the Dusun resort’s swimming pool promises a more attractive and picturesque view for visitors.

4. Interesting Activities

Source: the Dusun

The Dusun resort also offers a variety of fascinating activities, especially for the extreme freaks. Activities include jungle trekking to the waterfall, forest walks, and even massage services. Additionally, the resort also offers a special cooking workshop on various Minangkabau cuisine.

Interested for booking? Do visit their website here.

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