Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman, or simply Nur Sajat, seems to garner attention in whatever she does.

Word on the street has it that Sajat will be making her official debut as an actress in an upcoming “KL Gangster: Underworld” sequel. She recently received an offer from the production company SKOP Productions.


In her Instagram post, she shared with her fans the good news by posting a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her manager and a representative from the Gerak Khas filming team. In the conversation, it was revealed that Sajat has been offered a scene in a brothel.

Her post was flooded with mixed reactions by the Internet community, who have been guessing what role will Sajat get in the upcoming TV series. Some netizens predicted that Sajat will be offered a role as either a pimpor a loan shark, asking the Bobo Di Mana singer to think twice.

Apart from that, some netizens also gave their support and praised Sajat for her golden opportunity to flex her talent in acting; while some considered Sajat as lucky enough to receive such an offer. There are some who also wish she will be nominated in film festivals in the future.

Source: Sajat’s Instagram

Sarcasm or not, Sajat is still considered for a role in the series, which will be broadcasted in streaming platform, iFlix. After various bombardments and speculations, Sajat replied by saying, “I don’t mind a brothel scene, as long as I’m on TV”, shutting the netizens down.

In another news, the 34-year-old entrepreneur and singer recently spilled another good news: Her official Instagram account, @nursajat23 is finally back on board, after the account was allegedly hacked by irresponsible parties. You can now follow her official account to get to know her latest updates!

Who’s excited for Sajat’s debut role in the “KL Gangster: Underworld” season 2? We know we are! All the best girl ?

Source: Rotikaya, Lobak Merah, Hangat.

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