From the #10YearsChallenge to the Face app trend and also the Bottle cap challenge, now comes a new viral trend known as the “Number Neighbour”. For those who don’t know, the “Number Neighbour” trend is done by texting the number that is similar to yours and the only difference is the last digit of your phone number.

Recently, a girl named @niyahjimenez (her twitter username) went viral after she revealed that she had interacted with Captain America star Chris Evans after trying to contact her “number neighbour”. Niyah excitedly shared the tweet online, posting a screenshot of her FaceTiming with the 38 year old actor.

As of today (Monday, 12th August 2019), the tweet has received over 74,000 retweets and up to 294,000 likes on Twitter. Many netizens assumed her story was true and fell hook, line and sinker.

However, the ceremony was cut short when Evans himself intervened on this issue. Much to everyone’s surprise, the Hollywood hunk reacted to the tweet and dismissed her claims. He retweeted the tweet and said, “Fake. Sorry.”

It seems that the tweet was made up by Niyah in order to gain attention from the netizens. We can say she had her wish fulfilled, as the Internet community has thrown out various reactions towards the tweet.


Even Jeremy Renner, the actor who played Clint Barton in the “Avengers” series also shared his views on the issue, citing that fakers are everywhere these days. So, if you come across something like this on Twitter and also other social medias, be extra careful so that you are not easily fooled.

What do you think of this “number neighbour” trend? Do you think Niyah is an attention seeker? Hit us up in the comment section ?.

Source: VOCKET, Pinkvilla.

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