A few days ago, we published a report by ICMP, who compiled a list of the top 10 celebrities in the entertainment industry with the highest percentage of fake followers.

Likewise, All Kpop also used the IG Audit software to look through some of the biggest K-pop groups in the music biz at the moment. Since the app only collects up to 200 random followers for the input user, the result may not be 100% reliable.

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That’s because the algorithm looks into “the number of posts, follower/following counts, username, and whether the account is private/public”. Let’s say the follower is inactive, or follows numerous accounts, then their score will be proportionally lower. That’s because the posts + stories have a lower chance of reaching them.


The output of the score is between 0 and 1 (1 being real). However, just because IG Audit gives you a score of 90%, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other 10% is fake. It goes back to the fact that the app can only collect a sample of 200 random followers, so the result may differ each time.

But if you’re curious, this is All Kpop’s ranking of the top K-pop groups with the most fake followers, specifically on Instagram:

1. Momoland & Apink – 52%
2. Exo & TXT – 50%
3. Red Velvet – 49%
4. NCT & TVXQ & IZ*ONE – 48%
5. Mamamoo – 47%
6. Girls Generation & Ikon – 46%
7. Blackpink – 45%
8. Twice & Loona – 44%
9. Super Junior & Shinee – 43%
10. Seventeen & Gfriend – 42%
11. Winner – 41%
12. Got7 & BTS & Ateez – 40%
13. Stray Kids & MonstaX – 39%
14. Itzy – 38%
15. BigBang & Astro – 37%

If you don’t think the list is accurate, perhaps you should try using the IG Audit to see if you get a different result.

Source: All Kpop.

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