Rihana Oksana and her newborn son are currently stuck in Moscow because of Leon’s condition.

The 27-year-old Russian took to Instagram earlier today (Sunday, 11th August) to share that little Leon gave her a scare after falling seriously ill last week. Her new update was accompanied with a snapshot of the mother-son duo.

Source: Rihana’s IG

Leon had been infected with otitis and had caught a cold ear, presumably after bathing. Although the doctor prescribed strong antibiotics for the tiny tot, she feared that it could potentially lead to serious health complications like hearing loss. As a result, Leon had little sleep and not much appetite.


Thankfully, her son is feeling better now. “We were planning summer holidays in Spain with my entire family. Unfortunately, the doctors forbade Leon from flying for the next 3-4 months, as air pressure fluctuations could lead to serious repercussions,” the beauty queen wrote.

Many people have been curious to see baby Leon’s face ever since Rihana debuted her baby boy on social media 2 months ago. Quite a number of followers ask, “Why you keep blurring Leon’s face?” According to the new mum, it’s a Russian tradition to not expose their baby’s face to people until they’re older.

A netizen also brought up the fact that Rihana is not royalty, yet people are still referring to her as “Queen”. Rihana clarified that although she isn’t, Leon – who weighs 6kg at the moment – is royalty by birth. There’s still a question mark on the legitimacy of Leon’s connection to Sultan Muhammad V though.

When someone brought it up again, the beauty queen replied, “If he was not his son, I would not open any account at all! I would be ashamed to show my life“.

If you recall, Rihana previously expressed her desire to visit Malaysia again. But it appears that the plan won’t be happening after all. Why, you asked? Rihana cited, “political issues”. Go figure.



Despite her postings on Instagram, the Palace of Kelantan has vehemently denied most of her claims. The public are advised to not believe everything they read on social media and take it with a grain of salt.

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