Brace yourselves for a shark-tastic experience that will make your “jaws” drop. Sunway Lagoon has finally launched its brand new attractions for their signature Scream Park theme park, “Sharknado Alive!”.

Some of the interesting factors is the usage of shark attacks as the main theme for this project. After the succession of the previous instalments including Ghostbusters and even Nights of Frights series, the addition of “Sharknado Alive!” might elevate your experience to another level.

“Sharknado Alive” Launching Party held in Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya

To heat things up for your JAWSOME experience, we have prepared 5 interesting things happening in “Sharknado Alive!” you need to know.


1. From Movie To Theme Park 

Source: IMDb

As mentioned in the previous article, “Sharknado Alive!” is actually based on the Sharknado film series, directed by California-born director Anthony C. Ferrante. We are very sure fans of the movie are excited to be able to experience Sharknado in action live in front of their eyes.

2. Sharks As The Main Attraction

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The usage of sharks as characters for the theme park is enticing for people to experience “Sharknado Alive!” in person. Taken from the interview with Ferrante himself, “People view the idea of sharks differently. For example, while shark attacks appear to be terrifying for some, others might think the opposite, they think of it as something hilarious instead”.

3. JAWSOME 3D Experience

Source: Variety

One of the appeals of “Sharknado Alive!” is the use of 3D technology that is rarely used in other theme parks, including using 3D glasses in order to pass through the dizzy images of sharks in a tunnel, this creates realistic impressions that a real shark is attacking us in the tunnel!

Another example is the use of lightings and lasers that generates an effect as if we are walking through a pool filled with real life sharks. Sharknado Alive! promises a real life experience as though you are at the set of filming, complete with presence of the green screen that is mainly used in the movies.

4. Other Interesting Offers

Source: Sunway Lagoon

Apart from the Scream Park, Sunway Lagoon’s “Sharknado Alive!” also offers other fascinating activities including “Sharknado Dunk Tank” and also “Sharknado Blast”. Additionally, Sunway Lagoon also offers a scuba diving lesson, complete with a shark-themed costume. There is also a special shark mascot performance to pump up the party.

5. Special Appearance From Local Celebs

From left: Nadia Brian, Sean SL Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon, Anthony C. Ferrante, director of the Sharknado film series, Lynton V. Harris, Chairman and CEO of Sudden Impact! and Rose Nicotine

We can consider that “Sharknado Alive!” is on a higher level of status. With Ferrante and the production team’s brilliant ideas to the use of highly developed technology equivalent to qualities of an international film. Despite the fact, Sunway Lagoon made use of our local artists for promotional cycle for their theme park. Celebrities that participated in the event include actress Nadia Brian, actor Keith Foo and also up and coming social media influencer, Rose Nicotine.


So what are you guys waiting for? Pack your bags, gather all your family and friends and book your ticket now! For more information do visit their website here.

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