Things turned sour when actor Putra Amaris had an encounter with entrepreneur Dato’ Seri Vida at the Star Vendors event in Sabah recently.

The Qu Puteh owner had reportedly expressed her frustration over issues happening with her ex-worker over the past few months. She apparently insisted for him to return back all the stuffs she had given him before. Or else, she will retaliate if he fails to do so.

Source: Google image, Iluminasi

In a recent interview with mStar, the 33-year-old actor responded to Dato’ Seri Vida’s claims towards him during the confrontation, “I don’t have any issues with Dato’ Seri Vida and we still greet each other like usual. But she was questioning about the statement that I gave to the media regarding our ongoing issue and even insisted for me to return all her stuffs back”.


“I was very confused by her statement. If it’ were just a few stuffs such as clothes, I would return them gladly. She even said “I could give you a kick if I can” to me in front of her bodyguard and our assistant, I felt very insulted after she made that remark,” he added.

Source: Iluminasi

Meanwhile, Amaris clarified that at that time during the encounter, he was rushing to reach the airport, “My taxi was already waiting at the lobby and I had to rush to the airport.”

He later made it clear that he is more than prepared to meet up with the “I Am Me” singer in the future in order to discuss the matter.

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Apart from that, Amaris (real name Amran Ismail) also requested not to associate him with Dato’ Seri Vida anymore in the future. The actor-turned-entrepreneur revealed that he’s no longer working for Dato’ Seri Vida since December last year.

“I only helped her in terms of marketing, nothing beyond than that. I was never her personal assistant whatsoever,” Amaris clarified during the interview. For now, Amaris is currently busy with his business, “Amaris Mytart”, selling egg tarts.

Source: BebasNews

Fingers crossed that both Amaris and Dato’ Seri Vida will finally reach an agreement in order to resolve the ongoing matter.

Source: mStar.

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