Singer-songwriter Faizal Tahir has finally launched his fifth and final album, “Rojak”.

However, prior to the release of the album, he was bombarded with a controversy surrounding a few nude photos believed to be the singer himself. It’s believed that the photo was leaked by some irresponsible party.

Source: Harian Metro

When he was asked to comment on the recent controversy, the award-winning singer seemed very calm in his reply. “If this is an attempt to interrupt my family, then I will pray the best for that person. I think I don’t have to give any comments right now because only my wife and Allah knows the truth,” said the “Mahakarya Cinta” singer.

He continued, “Nobody can judge me. I don’t feel any signs of stress at all when this issue came to my knowledge. I don’t have to explain in detail to everyone because my wife already knows about the photos, that’s more important.”

Source: Hangat

Faizal added that there is nothing he wants to hide from the people and insisted that the guy in the leaked photos is not him.

“I’m already 41 this year, and I believe there are far way more positive things that can be shared. The most important thing is that I am not the one responsible in spreading the photos. If you guys still insist that the photos are mine, enjoy it!” he added.

Faizal Tahie pictured during the interview session with the media

Faizal was seen during the launching party for his fifth and final album, “Rojak” which was released on 2nd August 2019, featuring singles like “RAGAMAN”, “Ratu” and “Fire & Water”.

Source: Hangat.

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