After his viral “Mulan” parody trailer, Malaysian comedian and YouTuber is back with another hilarious parody video which also discusses about a worrying issue in Malaysia – the bubble tea craze.

Aptly titled as “Under The Tea”, the local comedian has turned “The Little Mermaid” iconic tune “Under The Sea” into a love song which he dedicates to all bubble tea lovers in Malaysia!


“Who needs a Starbucks when you get boba?” The song speaks a lot of truth about the concerning bubble tea trend which has kind of gotten out of hand.

In the song, Steven mentions about the different bubble tea brands available in Malaysia, the crazy traffic at SS15, and all the weird food creation featuring bobas like boba rice, boba noodle, boba beer, etc – and there’s also something about pearls looking like goat poo. (eww!)

Also, in the video, instead of Jamaican-singing crab, Steven’s version of Sebastian is apparently from the Indian ocean, which is why he has an Indian accent instead of a Jamaican accent. (LOL!)

Steven Bones Everything is also known for many other parody videos such as “The Mamak King” (from “The Lion King”), “Aku Minum Arak” (“Hakuna Matata” Parody), “Mak Cik Poppins” (parody of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”), and more.

A lot of his impressions are quite on point so be sure to check em’ all out!

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