Could it be that famous Chinese celebrity Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are still together, and they never broke up after all?

According to several Chinese media, their recent break-up was fake and it was all part of a marketing ploy to pave way for Fan Bingbing’s comeback in upcoming Hollywood spy film “355”.

It has also been reported that the couple deliberately chosen to announce their break-up on the same day as Song-Song couple’s divorce so that netizens won’t pay too much attention on their break-up and they can minimise the negative reactions.

With all the recent charity events she attended as well as the break-up, the media suspect that Fan is trying to fix her public image by making herself look like a strong and independent career woman.

Many netizens also believed that the break-up might not be real after all because some people claimed that the couple was caught hanging out together, 3 days after announcing their split.


Furthermore, Fan was recently asked about her plans to settle down since she will be turning 40 in 2 more years, and she responded, “I’ll work hard to make sure that someone marries me,” she said as quoted by 8 Days.

Some netizens find her reply quite odd, considering that she just got out from a high-profile relationship.

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