Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter Etta Ng and her wife Andi Autumn went through a pretty rough patch to get to where they are today.

Though things are not exactly sunny for them right now, new rumours have suggested that the same-sex couple may be facing some problem in their marriage life.


Recently it was revealed that Etta and Andi have deleted each other’s photos on the respective Instagram, sparking rumours that they’re may be breaking up soon.

While Etta deleted all of her photos with Andi, leaving only her solo shots, Andi on the hand, removed every single one of her photos except for one featuring a shadow which is captioned “Bye bye social media♡ I’m on a mission.”

It is not sure what is the meaning behind her post, but Chinese media has speculated that Andi is trying to fight over Jackie Chan’s 11.7 billion worth of fortune.

With the rumours circulated widely on Chinese social media yesterday, Etta finally responded, denying that she is having marital issue with Andi and adding that they also didn’t fight over their marital assets.

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