Just when we thought that nothing could ever top the outrageous Boba Tea Rice, the Japanese prove us wrong once again with another shocking creation – Bubble Tea Ramen, or to be exact “Cold Tapioca Tsukemen”.

One of Tokyo’s top ramen chains Menya Musashi (麵屋武藏) has created a special kind of tsukemen where the ramen is eaten together with a cold bowl of tapioca milk tea.

Source: tap2goodlife.com

For those of you who didn’t know, tsukemen means dipping ramen, which is basically a ramen dish consisting of noodles which are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth.


With all the boba fever craze going on around Asia, the Japanese ramen house decided to do a little experiment with its dish by creating a tapioca milk tea tsukemen, and apparently, the dish is very well-received in Japan!

Source: tap2goodlife.com

The dish was originally supposed to sell for a limited time until end of June 2019, but because it is so popular and well-received among the locals, the restaurant decided to make it available until end of July instead.

According to Japanese website Favy, the dish costs 1000 yen per bowl, which is around RM38.

The soup of Cold Tapioca Tsukemen is basically umami-filled katsuo-based broth mixed with soy milk featuring tapioca pearls.

Source: tap2goodlife.com

Writers from the site who have tried out the dish claimed that the ramen goes really well with the broth, and eating the noodle together with the boba certainly brings out “a brand-new type of chewiness”.

Menya Musashi can be found inside One Utama’s Isetan. But unfortunately, the Cold Tapioca Tsukemen dish is not available in the Malaysian outlet.

However, if many people requested for the dish, who knows? Maybe the main branch may make it available in Malaysia soon!

Source: Men’s Uno

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