Ramadhan may be a time of fasting and reflecting, but based on GrabFood customers’ habits, it was also a time for family and friends, and of sharing and togetherness. Food delivery services like GrabFood has not only changed how and what people are eating, but also how people are celebrating and preparing for the festive season.

From what we loved eating and when, to fun facts about local appetites, here’s everything you need to know about how Malaysian’s celebrated the recent Ramadhan and Raya season with GrabFood.

1. Foodies ordered even more to buka selera together!

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In true Raya spirit, more Malaysians decided to order in and berbuka together with a 55% increase in large orders during Ramadhan compared to the month before. The top 5 largest orders in a single booking made throughout Ramadhan and Raya were from Wasabi, Nandos, Village Park, Texas Chicken and Madam Kwan’s!


2. French fries was this Ramadhan’s go-to snack

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It’s no secret that Malaysians love to snack, and while Texas Chicken’s Honey-Butter Biscuit was the snack of choice in the month leading to Ramadhan, French Fries took the number one spot during the month of Ramadhan and Raya, with a whopping 80% increase in orders!

3. Malaysians’ guilty pleasure: late night munching!

Malaysians definitely took advantage of our extended operating hours with 45% of foodies ordering between 10pm – 2am. And if you’re wondering what were the top items to satisfy the late night munchies, French Fries, Oreo McFlurry and Bubble Tea were the top three options. In fact, Malaysians love their late night suppers so much that 40% of the French Fries orders throughout the month were made between 10pm – 2am.

Because of this, the ride-hailing company has permanently extended their delivery service hours in Klang Valley till 2am!

4. Come rain or shine – bubble tea and fried chicken (still) reigns supreme!

Regardless of the season, Malaysians’ true staple is still fried chicken and bubble tea! Foodies ordered almost 110,000 pieces of fried chicken in the month alone and washed down all that BOKBOK goodness with more than 40,000 cups of bubble tea, with the signature brown sugar bubble tea being the leading preference making up almost 60% of the orders.

And if you are still experiencing the post-Raya food coma (from all those midnight orders of french fries), you can opt for something healthy and wholesome. Grab will even help you get a head start! Just key in the promo code EXCLUSIVES’ to get 30% off restaurants only available on GrabFood.

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