Say what! You read that right. The world of K-pop seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving. With new releases and mentions of collabs this year, 2019 seems to have more and more things in store for us; starting with our very own Yuna and Jay Park.

Malaysia’s sweetheart was recently spotted in the studio with K-pop’s bad boy according to this Instagram post.


Could this possibly mean a collab between the two stars?!

Collabs in K-pop with western artists are no surprise to us, after BTS with Steve Aoki and Blackpink with Dua Lipa but this will be the second time we get a local flavour added into the mix!

Yuna has also previously appeared on K-hip hop group Epik High’s album as well, lending her vocals on the track “No Different”.

Jay Park himself recently released a new album, “The Road Less Travelled”. Perhaps this might be a new single… or maybe (gasp) a part of Yuna’s long-awaited LP? We can only speculate for now!

How excited are you about this collab?! We know we’re looking forward to these two R&B crooners to unite their voices in melodic harmony. That being said… who’s to know what genres the two might tackle?

Let’s see if Yuna can give us a halal version of “Mommae” 😉


Apparently, the collab track from Yuna and Jay Park is titled “Does She”, which will be festured in her 4th international studio album, “Rouge”, out 12th July 2019.

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