K-pop starlet Sunmi (이선미), who was the previous bassist and member of Wonder Girls, has been making headlines ever since she started her solo career.

However only yesterday at her “WARNING” Amsterdam concert, she openly declared her support of the LGBT community. A fan captured her speech on video and posted it on Twitter, which resulted in her going viral and becoming the top trend worldwide.

In the video, Sunmi mentioned that she has ‘many sides to her’ which included being considered ‘dorky’ and an ‘LGBT queen’ to the community. However, fans quickly mistook her as coming out –which sent them into an absolute frenzy. The announcement could not have come at a better time, as it is Pride Month after all!

Unfortunately, the singer herself came upfront about her statement on her Twitter page to clarify what she was saying in the video a few hours after the news went viral.

Looks like Sunmi is just a supportive ally for now, folks!

With that being said, it’s not surprising that fans drew the conclusion that Sunmi was gay. From holding rainbow flags to laughing off rumours about her possibly being a lesbian, Sunmi has always walked the tightrope of controversy. The singer never explicitly mentioned anything in regards to her sexuality, so speculation is still strong among fans.

Sunmi is one of the very few K-pop idols that has come front with their support of the LGBT community, a rather sensitive topic in South Korea. With the stigma and the strict rules of K-pop in mind, it is still an admirable feat nonetheless.

Gay or not, we now know for sure that there will be no cops at Pride, only Sunmi 😉

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