School’s out! The days of exams, homework and assignment deadlines. are officially gone for now. What better way to celebrate this victory of being released from the evil clutches of academia than by chilling at Resorts World Genting?

Escape the heat of the city by taking a trip uphill to Genting Highlands where your senses will be treated to both thrills and tastes! We here at Hype may be able to offer some assistance in terms of where to dine.

The Laughing Fish


Feeling sofishticated? Come right up to The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden; Britain’s oldest fish-and-chips branch!

Opening their first official restaurant in Malaysia at Resorts World Genting since January, the owners hope to introduce Malaysians to their traditional fish and chips (or as the locals back home call it, ‘chippy!’)

Serving it up fresh, The Laughing Fish is split into two; a takeaway counter complete for customers on the go and a lavish interior for dine-ins. The place is designed to feel just like you’ve walked into a classic British pub; wooden furniture, wacky memorabilia decorated on the walls, and even a game of football on the telly!

If dining out in the sunshine is more of your thing instead of being in a dimly lit area, the outdoor area is perfect for taking the best Instagram-worthy shots of your meal.

Without further ado, here’s out top picks on what to try at The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden!

1) Harry’s Battered Onion Rings


A quick appetizer to munch on as you start with small talk, these onion rings are generous in portion and size! Served with a mayo dip, you’ll find more appeal in these than any Tiffany power-blue boxes 😉

BONUS: Baked English Brie with Thyme and Garlic if you’d like to have a little more than just onion rings as your pre-game! The sharp taste of baked Brie is the perfect addition to a slice of freshly toasted bread!

2) The Open Face Roasted Chicken Sandwich

A chicken sandwich? At a fish and chips restaurant? Well, it’s more likely than you think!

One of the few different types of meat available, the Roasted Chicken sandwich is served with a small salad, cheese, and cemented together with a secret sauce. With a side of thick cut chips, one bite of the combo is enough to convince anyone to get back on carbs.

One of the unexpected highlights from The Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden, the Roasted Chicken sandwich truly did take us aback with how humble it may seem but certainly makes up for it in taste!

3) The Grilled Beef Bangers

What’s British pub food without bangers and mash?! The traditional meal comes with two succulent beef sausages, mash, and gravy to drench your dish in!

4) The Chicken and Kale Pie

It doesn’t get any better than a pie with mushy peas and mash on the side. The pastry itself is baked to perfection; giving you that flaky finish a good pie is supposed to have. Scooped up with a little of the sides and some gravy, and you’ve got yourself a party in your mouth!

5) Curry Special

This exclusive dish is only available in Malaysia! Made for Malaysian tastebuds, the chilli slices, curry leaves, eggplant, smooth fish chunks and curry gravy is the perfect kick to the senses if you’re craving for stronger flavours!

Tip: Best to eat this dish last so it wouldn’t overpower the rest of the food.

6) Cod & Haddock Fish and Chips


And of course, the main event is none other than a huge batch of fresh chippie! With a choice of either cod or haddock for your pick of fish, it is then drizzled in Harry Ramsden’s secret batter and off into the fryers!

Don’t forget to choose your sizing for the set as well, ranging from Regular size (which feeds about 2 people) and the almighty Legendary size (which can be shared by 3-4 people!). All Chippie sets come with a side of mushy peas, but if you’d like to tap into the traditions… feel free to order a bowl of gravy on the side!

7) Laughing Fish Signature Lemonade

All that food must be making you thirsty, huh? Well, the go-to around here is none other than the Laughing Fish Signature Lemonade; available in its regular citrusy self or as its zesty sibling, Rose Lemonade! Both drinks come with paper straws, so don’t fret if you left your metal straws at home 😉

8) Sticky Toffee Cake

Got room for dessert? Well, somehow we always make do. This cake is definitely worth loosening some pants buttons for, as not only is it dense and sinfully sweet, but it also is perfect for sharing. After all, who doesn’t love cake?

9) Warm Chocolate Brownie

Last but not least, the perfect farewell to a fantastic spread. This dessert itself is an antithesis; with the warmth of the freshly baked brownie contrasting the icy cool of the vanilla ice-cream placed on top of it. Yet it is through their union that we find out tastebuds marrying flavour. The sweetness of the vanilla blends in perfectly with the unsweetened brownie, giving it just the right amount of satisfaction.

However if you’re not quite up for a taste of Olde Britain, let your senses be whisked away by Spanish winds.

La Fiesta

La Fiesta is true to the soul Spanish restaurant that serves authentic cuisines. Complete with Latin music playing over the speakers, it feels like stepping into a little food haven that is just waiting to be explored.

1) Tapas Platter

Tapas are practically a must-have in any Spanish restaurant. We couldn’t resist ourselves when we walked in, and what a beauty she is! Ranging from classic Spanish dishes such as empanadas, ribs, corn, to garlic shrimp cooked in chilli oil; this sharing platter is perfect for exploring different tastes, exchanging of cultures and stories along the way.

2) Seafood Paella

A taste of the deep blue returns once again! However this time with seafood stock infused rice instead, the Paella is served with several tiger prawns, squid, and lemon wedges (if you need to add a bit of a tang to it!).

3) Picasso Sangria

What’s a Spanish anything without a glass of sangria? The Picasso Sangria, in particular, is a gorgeous blend of Tanqueray, orange juice, pineapple juice, and lemon with red wine, that is prepared with a flambe technique to give that extra kick to your drink! Now that’s truly lit!

4) Torrijas

Dessert is always a wonderful affair, no matter where in the world you are. Torrijas is a lovely reminder of that, with its warm insides and crispy, firm crust. Dusted with sugar that sparkle like crystals, the dish may remind Malaysians of a certain humble cakoi. Served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, the two complement each other perfectly.

5) Churros

And of course, who leaves without churros? Made fresh and served with warm chocolate dip, the churros are crispy to the touch. Dusted with cinnamon, the flavour is then enhanced once coated with chocolate. However if chocolate’s not your thing, don’t worry, they’re pretty good on their own too!

So what’s on your menu today, fellow readers? If your budget allows for it, why not treat yourself to a lavish meal of both? Your future self will be cursing you out when you’re at the gym shedding all those rich meals but as the wise Wall’s ice cream once said… “Hidup biar sedap!” 


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If you’re heading up to Resorts World Genting, be sure to try their Musang King cendol and premium durian.

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Psst, if you’re still up for it. Head on outside for Genting’s Durian Festival and chow down on some of the finest durian flesh you’ll find in Malaysia.

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