McDonald’s Malaysia is introducing a brand new collection of Happy Meal toys that many of us are familiar with – Barbie and Hot Wheels!

The famous fast food chain will release 4 designs of Barbie dolls and 4 designs of Hot Wheels cars from 30th May to 26th June 2019.

Each design will be released per week, so mark your calendars and be sure to collect them all!

  • Barbie Pop Star and D-Muscle Tight Turn Ramp: 30th May – 6th June
  • Barbie Mermaid and GT Hunter Ring of Fire: 6th – 12th June
  • Barbie Surfer and Night Shifter Gate Crasher: 13th – 19th June
  • Barbie Astronaut and Winning Formula Fulcrum Ramp: 20th – 26th June

Cue the McDonald’s theme song now, “Parapapapa I’m lovin’ it!”

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