Just when you thought that the drama between singer-actress Linda Rafar with the Delegation of Nurse (DON) is over, a new chapter unravels.

Earlier this month, Linda Rafar publicly apologised and sought forgiveness from the people whom she hurt and is also willing to forgive those who criticised her.


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During my last press conference, i felt angry, betrayed, insulted and sad that my mom’s passing did not stop cyber bully against me. My heart was filled by rage. My lawyer sent notices to hundreds of persons defaming me but my heart did not come to a closure.. Some dm me saying sorry.. hence some i forgive but some others went out too much that i cant help but to clear my reputation. In the holy month of Ramadhan, i took this opportunity to say sorry if i ve hurt any of you with or without I forgive every nitizen who ask for my forgiveness and in return i m seeking forgiveness too.. Tiada siapa yang hebat di atas muka bumi allah ini dan tidak salah jika kita yg ikhlas memohon maaf dulu serta lupakan segala kisah?? Allah maha melihat.. segala kebaikkan n keburukkan di catit dan tidak ada satu pon yg akan terlepas pandang.. Dunia sementara akhirat selamanyaa.. satu hari kita akan kembali kepadanyaa..? @hafidzahhassan @zetizulkifli @nha_lawfirm

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However, a certain doctor by the name Dr. Rusyainie Ramli has revealed that Linda Rafar actually lost the court case against DON. The doctor also claimed that Linda is required to publicly apologised to the nurses whom she previously accused and pay for the damages caused.

Linda denied the claims made by Dr. Rusyainie, saying that no one lost the case since both parties agreed to not go on with the trial and resolve the issue nicely after reviewing certain aspects.

But in the latest update, Linda Rafar has decided to take action on Dr. Rusyainie and 3 other Facebook users for tarnishing her image and reputation through their postings on Facebook.

Linda Rafar sent Dr. Rusyainie Ramli 5 separate demand letters where she seeks a public apology and RM4 million settlement for publicising 5 defamatory postings and countless defamatory comments about her on the social media platform.


She also sent 3 more similar demand letters to 3 Facebook users including PW Community, seeking a settlement of RM1.5 million.

“Our client is considering necessary legal actions against irresponsible defamation to
disparaging her reputation and credibility if these demand letters are not responded within 7 days,” said Nurul Hafidzah Hassan, Senior Partner of the firm, who is leading the case.

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