Malaysian fashion icon and entrepreneur Neelofa has officially announced that she has been selected as the face of international jewellery brand Swarovski for its first ever Ramadhan campaign in Southeast Asia.

“For the first time in Malaysia, Swarovski is unveiling its Raya campaign! I am so honoured to be the face for this year’s beautiful campaign! Shot in the stunning desert of Abu Dhabi, look out for the billboards! So happy to finally share this news with you guys!” she announced on her Twitter.


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#FollowTheSparkle this Raya with @swarovski as they reveal the first ever campaign for South East Asia! Look out for the billboards !

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Furthermore, she is also the first hijabi to ever front a campaign by the well-known jewellery brand from Austria.

The campaign was shot on the stunning sands of Al Wadi Desert located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where she showcases some of the collection from Swarovski Raya Selection.

Swarovski has also collaborated with Neelofa’s hijab brand, Naelofar Hijab, to mark its first 360 partnership with the social media influencer.

“My aspiration is to be a giver, rather than a receiver. Somebody who gives love, strength and positive aura. I truly believe a person’s greatness does not lie in what they possess but rather in what they give. And one can only do so once they possess confident, strong and empowering qualities; allowing them to give the people around them their own sparkling moments,” she said in  a statement.

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