In recent years, we’ve seen that the menswear for Raya has becoming more and more outrageous. From sleeveless baju melayu to kimono style, wakanda style, baju kurung style, swimsuits style, you name it!

But apparently, we still haven’t seen it all, and this year, the tradition for weird baju raya designs continue. Here are some of the oddest ones we found so far!

1Kurta or chef’s uniform?

The kurta by Hermora has been compared to a chef’s uniform due to the resemblance in the designs. Netizens even joked that whoever wearing will look as if he’s going to the kitchen instead of going for beraya.

Hermora explained, “We decided to do something different in terms of design so that the outfit looks unique and exclusive as compared to a normal kurta. There are too many kurtas with the same design in the market, so why not go for something different and unique for this year’s Raya?”.

2Casual kurta or inner dress?


Local designer Anuar Faizal is no stranger to criticism – in fact, he accepts it with open arms. Back in 2016, the designer had been condemned for showcasing shirtless baju melayu in a fashion show.

This year, he is back with a new design of kurta that seems to look like anything but kurta. Some people said it looks like pyjamas, others said it looks like swimsuit, but most said that it looks like an inner dress for women.

3Oversized baju melayu?

Since a lot of baju raya designs these days are often tight and fit, Behati decided to break the norm by going with something totally different – an oversized unisex baju melayu!

Many people are entertained by the outfit’s odd design and compared it to those worn by scarecrows. Some netizens said that the purpose of the outfit is to make sure that the wearer does not look fat after eating plenty of kuih raya from one house to another, while others said it is an outfit that can fit the entire family!

4Blouse-type baju melayu?

In collaboration with Razman Razmi, local host Aznil Hj Nawawi has introduced his brand new line of baju melayu which was inspired by the famed singer Dato’ Sudirman’s iconic apparels. However, not many people understand his purpose and intention, thus make fun of the design for looking like a blouse and skirt.

Aznil confessed that he is saddened by the criticism but explained that the baju melayu comes with a matching samping and belt, which are removable. So people can choose to wear the baju melayu without them.

5K-pop inspired baju melayu?

The so-called baju melayu is said to be inspired by South Korean style, but many people think it is inappropriate to insert other country’s culture in traditional garments.

It is not known who exactly is the designer of the baju melayu but netizens find the design ridiculous and does not reflect on the Raya spirit. Some people even said that the outfit looks more like a prisoner’s uniform rather than baju melayu.

So which one do you think have the most ridiculous design? Let us know!

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