Uh oh, it looks like BLACKPINK has come under fire for alleged cultural appropriation.

The recently-released episode 7 of BLACKPINK Diaries featured behind-the-scenes footage from the K-pop girl group’s “Kill This Love” music video. However, several fans aren’t happy with the fact that Jennie was seemingly poking fun at the Indian culture.

Source: SaveIG

A number of Indian fans have called the 23-year-old singer out on Twitter and Instagram for mocking Bharatanatyam – which is a sacred Indian classical dance that celebrates religious themes and spiritual ideas.


I was quiet on this matter till now but as an indian, I am highly offended. This ain’t it. I learnt Bharatanatyam as a kid and it was taught to me that this dance is sacred to us and connects us to God. mocking Mudras is beyond limits now and is fuming me,” wrote Ruru.

My Mother practiced it for years. I have many cousins teaching/practicing. Bharatnatyam is a sacred form of art. This is highly unacceptable behaviour. If you don’t understand a culture just steer clear. Is it too hard to understand?” Cammy added.

While many “fans” are demanding for an apology from Jennie, we’re not sure if Jennie is aware of this unintended controversy.

Source: Koreaboo.

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