“Avengers: Endgame” gave us a proper swan song to 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. One of the highlights in the movie was noticing familiar cameos. And that includes Harley Keener.

Who is Harley Keener? Well before we proceed, consider this your final warning as the following post contains heavy spoilers from the blockbuster film.


Many were left scratching their heads wondering who’s the mysterious kid that showed up at Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s funeral. It’s none other Harley Keener, who may be unrecognisable now that he’s a young adult.

Played by Ty Simpkins, we first saw Harley as a boy in “Iron Man 3”. In case you can’t remember, he helped Tony rebuild his Mark suit after Iron Man after the superhero was left stranded in Tennessee. After the battle in New York, the billionaire inventor not only gave the kid some advice on handling school bullies but also left a whole bunch of goodies in his garage.

Ty was only 11 when “Iron Man 3” came out in 2013. He’s now 17. “(It) was cool. He stayed in characters the whole time, but he was really nice, and he made it easy to work with him,” he previously talked about his experience on set with Robert Downey Jr.

In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, directors Anthony and Joe Russo explained why Harley appeared at the memorial service. “Clearly Tony had an effect on him,” Joe Russo said. We have a feeling that this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Harley. As in the case of Marvel, there are usually no coincidences.

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