Yesterday, the organiser of the upcoming Super Junior D&E’s concert in Malaysia has unveiled a list of prohibited items that are not allowed to bring into the concert venue.

Most of the items make sense and are commonly prohibited in many concerts or live shows, but one particular item has caught fans’ attention and that item is – a fish net!

That’s right, a freaking fish net! Many fans including us have been thinking – why would someone bring a fish net to a concert? For what?

Fans have been leaving comments on the post questioning why the item is on the prohibited item list. Some even joked that if it has anything to do with Donghae whose nickname is Fishy.

Apparently, the organiser did not mistakenly or list down the item, nor is it a joke. There is in fact a valid reason.

According to one fan, there has been cases where fans bring fish net to K-pop concerts and use it to pass their camera devices to idols on stage.

One of the famous examples was during EXO’s concert in Taiwan back in 2017, one fan used a fish net to hand her polaroid camera to one of the members.

According to Koreaboo, the same case also happened at TWICE and INFINITE’s concerts.

So now we know why. (LOL!)

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