19-year-old Malay singer Siti Nur Masyitah Mohd Yusoff, better known as Masya Masyitah (玛莎) will be competing in one of China’s biggest singing competitions, “The Coming One” (明日之子).

The singing competition which is expected to air its 3rd season in May is the latest idol show produced by China’s Tencent media. The 1st season of the show had already broken records in China as the 1st entertainment show with over 300 million plays per episode.


Masya who is a talent of Rocketfuel Entertainment told Hype Malaysia that this was not her first time participating in a Chinese singing competition. She previously won 1st runner-up in the Hong Kong International Music Festival in 2016, and she was also the winner of 2014 “Ceria Popstar” and 2016’s Pesta Singing Contest.

“Masya Masyitah will be heading to China to participate in Tencent Media’s popular reality series, The Coming One (S3). We are all very proud of Masya who was also recently involved in the Malaysia-China 45th Diplomatic Relations Anniversary Campaign, organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia,” said Murali ‘Moots’ Marimuthu, Admiral of Rocketfuel.

When asked if she was inspired by fellow Malaysian singer Shila Amzah who is largely influential in China after winning the “Asian Wave” competition, Masya said, “Kind of, but I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to compete with her or copy her. I just want to try my luck there.”

Masya also said that she couldn’t help it if people in China will start to compare her with Shila considering that they are both hijab-wearing Muslim woman who sing in Chinese. “What I can do is make a difference in terms of singing and performance since both of us have different singing style.”

Masya admitted that she is not very fluent in Mandarin Chinese, but she often works hard to learn the language by attending Mandarin classes and practice via YouTube.

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