Keep calm social media users. It’s not your internet connection. Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram all around the world aren’t working.

According to reports, all 3 networks started facing outage approximately at 6:50pm Malaysian time today (Sunday, 14th April).


Although some locations appear to be more widely affected than others, many aren’t able to access and Meanwhile, users are also complaining that they aren’t able to send or receive their messages on Whatsapp.

All eyes are on Facebook since the company owns all 3 social media and messaging platforms. Having said that, the company has yet to release a statement regarding to the issue.

Fret not though, Twitter is still working fine. So feel free to tweet about your frustrations.

UPDATE (14th April, 9:15pm):

After over 2 hours of outage, all services are back to normal again. Phew!

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