MU student Kiren Raj has been getting a lot of hate over the past few weeks after leaving insensitive and racist comments on a social media page which reported on the death of local actress Emily Kong.

In a press conference held at Wisma MCA today, the 26-year-old read out a statement to formally apologise to Kong’s family members, friends, fans and the public for his viral comments.


“The comments I posted were not directed at any individual and meant no harm. The comments were my imagination in nature. Upon realising (this), I removed my comments as soon as possible. I would also like to formally retract my comments,” he read the statement obtained by MMO.

“I am deeply remorseful that my comments offended many netizens. I would never do anything like this again. Sometimes we say things that are not appropriate and we should be responsible and apologise. We should learn to re-evaluate ourselves and better ourselves”.

Previously, Kiren Raj had posted insensitive comments about the tragic passing of local actress-cum-singer Emily Kong who was killed in a car accident at Jalan Kuchai Lama on 9th March.

The final-year medical student also insulted the size of Chinese men’s private parts and mentioned about a “plan” to push Chinese out of the country.

On 12th March, IMU issued Kiren a show-cause letter and instructed him to be on home leave for 2 weeks. The private university will be carrying out a disciplinary hearing to investigate the student in question.


Featured Image: Kwong Wah

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