Last month, KFC Malaysia has introduced 2 brand new meals to their menu, the  KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Burger and Twister, which are made by one of the world’s spiciest chillies, ghost pepper.

Seeing this as an opportunity, McDonald’s Malaysia’s pokes fun at  KFC’s new menu in its latest post on Facebook, and at the same time, promoting its Spicy Chicken McDeluxe lunch meal.


The post read, “Ghost Pepper? Pfft.. nothing ghostly about this. Malaysia’s true king of spice – the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, now only RM12.50 for a medium meal during McValue Lunch!”

Marketing Director Eugene Lee said that he heard feedbacks regarding KFC’s Ghost Pepper Burger, saying that it was not spicy.

“So, we used this info and came up with a cheeky ad to have some fun with what customers were already saying,” Lee said in a statement obtained by Marketing Interactive.

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