Poor Sajat… She worked so hard to increase the number of her followers after Instagram removed her account the first time, now she has to do it all over again!

Last month, the entrepreneur’s Instagram handle @nursajat23 was removed after several netizens allegedly reported on her account, which prompted Instagram to removed it for good.

A few days later, Sajat created a new handle called @nursajadiah, and managed to gather close to 150 thousand followers. But now, for some reasons, this account has been removed as well.

It is not known what caused Instagram to remove it, but it is believed to be the same reason as when the account was removed during the first time – a lot of people reported on it.

Nur Sajat’s account is not the only one that has been deleted, it seems that her partner’s account, Coach Yin, is also gone.

Some netizens believed that the businesswoman may have a backup account and her business accounts are still available as well. However, there are also a lot of fake accounts claiming themselves to be Sajat.

We can’t help but feel sorry for the entrepreneur as she needs to rebuild her Instagram from scratch and increase the number of her followers.

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