Wang Leehom (王力宏)’s anticipated “Descendants of the Dragon 2060” (龙的传人 2060) is set to take place in Stadium Merdeka tomorrow (Saturday, 16th March). However, HOManiacs were treated to a delightful fan service yesterday (Thursday, 14th March).

It was only a couple of weeks ago when Taiwanese superstar and concert organiser StarPlanet (星艺娱乐) surprised fans by announcing that a fan meeting event was taking place prior to the concert.


1000 fan meet passes were up for grabs for concert goers who had purchased VVIP or VIP tickets. Unsurprisingly, the turn out for Leehom’s fan meeting event was huge. There were fans who came in groups, mothers who grew up listening to the singer that brought their babies, couples, and even fans from Thailand!

The event, which took place at Quill Convention Centre, Level 6, in Quill City Mall, was divided into few sections. It kicked off with host Jym Chong passing fans microphones to belt out their favourite Wang Leehom tune. Those who muster up the courage to sing in front of everyone were rewarded with a goodie bag from the organiser.

It’s no secret that Leehom has been maintaining his fitness regime ever since his “Descendants of the Dragon 2060” world tour kicked off a few years ago. Now that he has achieved 11% of body fat, the singer has never looked more fit. The crowd went wild when Jym asked if they would like to see Leehom shirtless.

A cardboard was carried unto stage showing a screenshot of Leehom proudly showing off his washboard abs. Despite some initial awkwardness, the performer played along and said that he has worked hard to maintain those muscles.

For the next section, Leehom was tasked at putting his drawing skills to the test. The host would give a hint of how many words and fans would guess it. The ones who correctly guessed it were rewarded with a drawing together with the singer’s signature on it. It was scary how many HOManiacs were able to figure the drawings out at their first try. Even Leehom himself was blown away!

Before the autograph session took place, Leehom came down to the barrier to take a group shot (pictured above) with the entire crowd in attendance. It was truly a satisfying night for fans who have been longing to see the singer ever since his last concert here in Kuala Lumpur.


Before the fan meeting took place, members of the media were able to get a few updates from Leehom himself during the media group interview. The singer expressed that he’s looking forward to say “Saya cinta padamu” to his fans again. When asked if he will be inviting Namewee (黃明志) onstage to perform their collab, “Stranger in the North” (飄向北方), Leehom played coy.

Fingers crossed we’ll get to see them duet live 😉

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