Like many millennials, we first took notice of Kodaline through their 2013 hit, “All I Want”. Its infectious chorus and heart-rending lyrics was deeply resonating on so many levels.

We’re not alone in saying that the Irish group’s music has been the soundtrack to many events in our lives. Imagine our delight when it was announced that Kodaline was returning to Malaysia to headline their own tour.


Back in 2017, the quartet graced us with their presence for the Good Vibes Festival. Unfortunately, they only performed a few songs. With a full concert, we were looking forward to the full experience.

Held in KL Live on 3rd March (Sunday), the night first started off with a rendition of the lead single, “Follow Your Fire”, off their latest album. The song was a good opener as it was instantly recognisable and received a soaring welcome. It was also cool hear the effect that was used to deliver the verse “did you follow your fire” in the chorus section.

Source: All Is Amazing

While “Head Held High” initiated sing-alongs among the audiences to the “la la la”, one of our highlights was during the acoustic rendition of “The One”. This performance slowed things down and allowed for a bonding session with the lead singer and the crowd. “I wrote this song for a friend,” Steve Garrigan explained how it came about.

The stripped-down version of “The One” showed off Steve’s artistry as a singer and a guitarist. We got to admire Steve and his bandmates showing off their slick guitar skills. It was a sight to behold when everyone in the audience was encourage to filled up the concert venue with their phone lights during their performance.

After “Love Will Set You Free”, Kodaline tricked the crowd by saying it was their last performance for the night. Lights were turned off and this obviously caused a reaction among the crowd. They were demanding for an encore by chanting “ALL I WANT, ALL I WANT, ALL I WANT”.

It didn’t take long before Kodaline returned to the stage to deliver the fan-favourite smash hits “All I Want” and “High Hopes”. This time, the sing-alongs were louder. The two beautiful tracks were the perfect way to end the night. Even though, the band has recently adopted EDM influences for their latest materials, these two tracks serve as a reminder that the essence of the band is their honest lyrics.

Even though Steve’s voice broke a couple of times (poor chap was feeling under the weather), he still gave his all throughout the duration of their concert by belting out note after note. The singer-songwriter even assured Malaysian fans, “We will be back soon.”

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