Namewee’s latest film “Banglasia 2.0” is set for a theatrical release in Bangladesh due to the surging interest from the country.

The comedy movie which was banned 5 years ago had its premiere last week and now it has collected more than RM1 million in 4 days.


I wish to thank all my Malaysian viewers for coming out in droves over the weekend that encouraged cinema operators to extend its screening for another week,” actor-director Namewee said in a statement.

“I also learned that we will be the first feature film starring Malaysian and Bangladeshi actors to debut on silver screens in Bangladesh, after receiving tremendous commercial enquiries. Hearing my character’s voice dubbed in Bengali will be quite interesting, so Dhaka here we come!”

According to the movie producer Fred Chong, the film is currently being dubbed and translated into Bengali language. Chong aims to have the film released in Bangladesh in April 2019.

Bangladeshi heartthrob Nirab Hossain, who is one of the lead stars of “Banglasia 2.0” and one of the top actors in Bangladesh, said that his role in the movie serves as tribute to his fellow countrymen in Malaysia “who toil for a better living in a foreign land.”

“I look forward to seeing a even bigger response back home very soon,” he said.


Since its Malaysian premiere on 28th February, the film has received extensive press coverage in Bangladesh from at least 16 media outlets, thanks to Nirab’s pioneering acting role in the movie.

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