Bruno Mars is not happy y’all.

Yesterday (Thursday, 28th February), the 33-year-old singer found himself reacting in a series of tweets after finding out that his songs were in Indonesia. Out of 85 songs on the ban list, Time reported that 17 of those are western pop songs.

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In Mars case, 2 of his hit songs – “Versace on the Floor” and “That’s What I Like” – were deemed inappropriate by the the West Java branch of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID). Other well-known pop songs include “Dusk Til Dawn” (Zayn Malik), “Love Me Harder” (Ariana Grande), “Overdose” (Chris Brown feat. Agnez Mo), “Your Song” (Rita Ora) and “Wild Thoughts” (DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna).


Ed Sheeran’s megahit “Shape of You” was also restricted and can only be played between 10pm to 3am on radio and television. Mars protested in a cheeky manner and also poked fun at fellow Grammy winner Sheeran in the process.

I was poppin in Indonesia! Then here comes @edsheeran with his sick, perverted lyrics, gettin us all pinched! Thanks Ed. Thanks a lot,” the funk revivalist tweeted.

Previously, a Blackpink TV ad was also banned after complaints were made about their indecent miniskirts.

Sources: Channel NewsAsia.

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