90s boy band Westlife has revealed that they will be coming to Malaysia for their ongoing Twenty Tour. Yay!

During their show in Singapore in late January, the band revealed in an interview that they will be coming to Kuala Lumpur within the next 4 to 5 months.

“When the band ended in 2012, we may have thought at some point, we might do it again, but you know, it was a very very sad time,” Kian Egan commented.

“But we’re all really excited to be back together and we can’t wait to do concerts more than anything,” he said, while Shane Filan who has performed in Malaysia 3 times in the last 2 years added, “Especially in KL”.

Shane was in Malaysia last year for his Asia tour and he also performed exclusively at local celebrity couple Faliq Nasimuddin and Chryseis Tan’s lavish wedding.

Earlier this year, he returned to Malaysia for a special showcase at the Elmina Lake Concert alongside Fazura and Namewee.


“The big thing for us is obviously we have the new single, ‘Hello My Love’ but it’s all about getting to the concerts and we’re gonna be announcing concerts in KL very soon,” Kian continued.

When asked about the KL concert details, Nicky Byrne revealed, “We’re actually announcing our shows out real soon. We gonna be there within the next four or five months. We promise.”

So there you have it, guys!

Also, could they be the boy band that Blue’s organiser KC & Friends were talking about previously? Only time will tell!

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